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TIP: Bundling auto and home insurance policies together can lead to additional savings.

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    Saving money is just the beginning! Take advantage of exclusive options like Accident Forgiveness on your first auto accident.

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    Whether it’s fire, theft, hail or wind, we protect your house and everything inside that makes it a home. We now even have options for flood coverage and deductibles that disappear.


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    In challenging economic times, we save you money and have you covered for vehicles, property, liability, oil & gas, professional, contractor and construction insurance needs.


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    Backing up your cottage, boat, and RV against fires, storms, thefts, and collisions means you never have to limit your fun.


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    Our full range of personal coverage includes critical illness, disability, term life, employee benefits, and whole life.


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    Go anywhere and enjoy your stay to the fullest without having to worry about emergency medical bills, trip cancellation, baggage theft, or travel life insurance.

  • PET

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    Your pet deserves the best. Make sure you’re always able to cover their veterinary bills for emergencies including illnesses, injuries, and prescriptions.


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